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Bordeaux GRAND CRU Grape Juice 

Family brand since almost 30 years and pioneer of a premium Vine Grape Juice made as a “Grands Crus” from Bordeaux. We transform varieties of cépages initially reserved to produce great wines, to make a raw natural and aromatic juice. We work with around 20 small local vineyards, the grapes will be harvested once a year.  We bottled the “terroir » of Bordeaux in our grape juice with a sip of it you can feel the true essence of Bordeaux.

How to enjoy it? 

Store in the freezer for 1-2 hours before serving. Make sure to serve it chilled, so it won’t be too sweet to taste. Enjoy it with a wine glass for the non-sparkling grape juice, and champagne glass for the sparkling. It will enhance your tasting experience of DIDIER GOUBET’s grape juice, because wine glasses are designed to enhance the aroma and taste of wine. DIDIER GOUBET’s grape juice are made with different cépages of grape, you will need a wine glass to release the unique aroma for each variety.

DIDIER GOUBET 老藤葡萄汁六入禮盒 250ML



  • 梅洛老藤紅葡萄汁 250ML *1
  • 卡本內老藤紅葡萄汁250ML  *1
  • 榭密雍老藤白葡萄汁 250ML *1
  • 氣泡梅洛老藤紅葡萄汁 250ML *1
  • 氣泡卡本內老藤紅葡萄汁 250ML *1
  • 氣泡榭密雍老藤白葡萄汁250ML  *1

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